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Clever signs

I have recently been planning a stall at a local Christmas Market and have been looking into the different signage options that are available. I wanted to add a few extra signs on some of the streets surrounding the market telling potential shoppers of our location. Which the  possibility of the weather being unkind I wanted to make sure that any signs I used were not going to get ruined by any wet or snowy weather. I came across a company that helped  me not just with some waterproof paper for signs called duck paper but also they had some fantastic fittings so that the signs were easily read when positioned on lamp posts using  an ingenious little sign holder. The company was called www.laminaid.com

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Pin the tale on the donkey

Who would have thought there were so many uses for sleep mask. I was recently at a BBQ with a group of families who were all close friends. As parents we were always slightly nervous when the families got together as all of the childen had a tendency to become hyperactive. This happened as expected […]

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