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Pin the tale on the donkey

Who would have thought there were so many uses for sleep mask. I was recently at a BBQ with a group of families who were all close friends. As parents we were always slightly nervous when the families got together as all of the childen had a tendency to become hyperactive. This happened as expected until one of the father found a sleep mask in his pocket from a recent plane journey to Copenhagan. We drew a large picture of a donkey on a piece of paper and then made a small tassle to act as the donkeys tail. The children then took it it turn to play pin the tale on the donkey. The behaviour was impeccable. Who would have thought that something so simple as an sleepmask could save the day

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From Darkness to the light

Since moving house I have had real trouble sleeping in my new bedroom. To begin with I thought it was just the stress of moving but as the weeks went on I realised that this was probably no the case. I had moved from a small village too a town and so the noise levels […]

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